Weightlifting Day 3 Week 9 – Rize Nation Athletics

Weightlifting Day 3 Week 9


Weightlifting Day 3 Week 9

Rize Nation CrossFit – OLY Class

Clean & Jerk (40%x2, 45%x2, 50%x2, 60%x2, 65%x1x2)

practice patience and timing with solid technique here

Jerk Support and Recovery (85%x3x3)

set bar at top of head

start on toes, bar will be at forehead, shoulders back and chest up, drop and punch under, recover with front foot first

Strength Accessory

1. Pullups – 1 set at 60% of last max reps (warm up)

2. Pullups – 1 set max reps

3. Pullups – 6 set of 3 reps weighted 10-25# depending on where you are (if you need modifications here please let me know – looking for a difficult 3 reps but doable)

4. 4 sets of 10 Ab roll outs with barbell

5. 2 sets 15 each – side lying leg raises with band, adductor raises with band

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