Weightlifting Day 1 Week 8 – Rize Nation Athletics

Weightlifting Day 1 Week 8


Weightlifting Day 1 Week 8

Rize Nation CrossFit – OLY Class

Back Squat (50%x10, 60%x8, 70%x4, 80%x2, 85%x2, 90%x2, 95%x1x2)

If possible get these in before the snatches. they can also be done on a different day. going up to 95%. brace abs – chest up – stay tense (don’t loose tension at the bottom)

Power Snatch off blocks (40%x5, 45%x5, 50%5×2)

set bar just above knee. practice extending knees and hips and getting shoulders up rather than pulling back

OHS (50%x5, 60%x5, 70%x5, 75%x5x3)

practice strong OH position – squeeze shoulder blades together and keep core braced

Strength Accessory

1. pullups – 1 set max reps

2. pullups – pyramids 1,2,3,2,1 x3 sets (rest 10 sec between in the ladder and 90 sec between sets)

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