Weightlifting Day 1 Week 5 – Rize Nation Athletics

Weightlifting Day 1 Week 5


Weightlifting Day 1 Week 5

Rize Nation CrossFit – OLY Class


Speed work before cleans

3 sets of 3 knee pop ups

Power Clean off Blocks + 1 Pwr Jerk (40% x5, 50%x4, 60%x3, 65% x3x3)

set bar just above knee

work speed and power

Snatch DL + Shrug (55%x6, 65%x3, 75%x3, 85%x3, 90%x2, 95%x1x3)

(use front squat numbers)

this is to help build strength in your drive and will be tough. only use percentages if form is good. keep lats/back tight, drive with legs

OH Lunges with hanging weights 🙂 (8 reps per leg x3 sets)

use small plates (2.5-5 kg) hanging from each end of pvc pipe or bar.

this will help with overhead and core stability

Strength Accessory

1. 3 rounds 15reps each – 15 step downs (with slightly heavier weight than last week) + 15 adductor raises with light band

2. get to 30 pullups

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