Tuesday Crossfit – Rize Nation Athletics

Tuesday Crossfit


Tuesday Crossfit

Rize Nation CrossFit – CrossFit

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Move: Warm-up (No Measure)

Warm up:

12/10 Cal Bike

15 Jumping squats

High kicks down and back

Butt kicks down and back

10 weighted arm rotations (front and back, each)

Turkish Get Up instruction and warm up in weight. (only move up in weight if it looks good)

1: Turkish Get Up (4×2)

– Up and down is 1 rep. Execute 1 rep per arm, back to back.

– Rest as needed between sets.

– Execute 4 rounds with a semi heavy, but controlled weight. (Warm up to that weight first)

Watch linked video for demonstration.


2: Metcon (Time)


E2MOM x 7

Run 1 lap.

Scaled: 3/4 Lap

*Your score is your slowest lap.

*7 rounds. Each one for time.

*The goal here is consistency. Aim to establish a solid base round, and beat it every time.

Extra: Metcon (Time)

“Do you even Cindy”

10 rounds

– Rest 3 mins –

10 rounds

* 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats

Scaled: banded pull ups

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