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Thursday Crossfit


Thursday Crossfit

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Move: Warm-up (No Measure)

Warm up:

10 air squats

05 Front squats w/barbell

10 Push press w/barbell

10 Weighted arm rotations (front & back each arm)

05 Push press w/30%

04 groiners

05 Push press w/45%

03 Push press w/60%

03 Push press w/70%

Load your 75%. Get ready for round 1.

1: Push Press (4×5)


4×5 @ 75%

2: Metcon (Time)


50 Cal row

50 Wall balls (20/14)

40 Hang Power cleans (115/75)

40 Hand stand push ups

Scaled: 14/10 WB, 75/55 Bar, Push ups/pike push ups

RX+: 30/20 WB, 155/105 Bar, 6in Deficit HSPU.

Extra: Metcon (No Measure)

Weakness work

Pick a movement that you need improvement on and attack it for 15 mins.

*If its a movement that requires strength like pull ups, you can do a a 15 min EMOM with only a few reps every minute.

*If its a skill movement like double unders, practice for 15 minutes and no more. Don’t get frustrated.

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