Saturday Derby Boot Camp – Rize Nation Athletics

Saturday Derby Boot Camp


Saturday Derby Boot Camp

Rize Nation CrossFit – J-town Boot Camp

Row Bowling (Time)

*Row Bowling*

Group of 2 or 3

Row 1000M

-Each athlete rows for 100m

-Trying to stop the counter exactly at 100m

-For every Meter over/under that 100m row teams will do SYNCHRONIZED burpees!

-If you land EXACTLY on the 100m number that is a STRIKE and your team does 0 burpees and continues to move on with the next athlete.

-Keep switching team members each 100m

Metcon (Time)

*400m Row Buy In

125 Single Unders

100 Seated DB Press

80 DB Snatch

60 KB Swings (Chest)

40 Box Step Ups

20 Ab Mat Sit Ups

10 Wall Ball

*400m Row Buy Out
250m ROW

125 Single Unders

50 Seated DB Press

40 DB Snatch

30 KB Swings (Chest)

30 Box Jumps/Step Up

20 Ab Mat Sit ups

10 Wall Balls

250m ROW

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