Saturday Crossfit – Rize Nation Athletics

Saturday Crossfit


Saturday Crossfit

Rize Nation CrossFit – CrossFit


Metcon (Time)

Partner Rowling

1,000 m Row FOR TIME as a team

– Each partner must row 100m and switch.

– Whatever the amount of meters off from the exact hundredth + or – , the partners must complete synchronized wall balls. Then begin rowing again.

Metcon (Calories)


25 min – AMRAP

20 thrusters

20 pull ups

30 calorie row

*Kicker: Partner A must deadlift and “hold” the barbell with a designated weight while Partner B rows. If partner A drops the bar, partner B must stop rowing. Switch as needed.

*Distribute the reps (thrusters and pull ups) as you see fit.

*Score: Log in the number of calories accumulated.

Sport: DB thrusters, ring rows, calorie Bike, bar hold 135#/95#

Crossfit: 95#/65# and 315#/225#, scaled = 75#/45# and 245#/155# and banded pullups.

Firebreather: same as crossfit

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