Day 3 Week 2 – Rize Nation Athletics

Day 3 Week 2


Day 3 Week 2

Rize Nation CrossFit – OLY Class


1. band walks 2 sets – 10,10,10,10 (left, right, front, back)

2. band pull aparts x10 x2 sets (keep tension in band and squeeze shoulder blades together)

Clean and Jerk (45%x2,55%x2,65%x2,75%x2,80%x2,85%x2x2,80%x2x2)

first 2 sets do 2 cleans + 2 jerks

Front Squat (75%x2,80%x2,85%x1,88%x1,91%x1,94/98/94%x1 each)

Jerk Dip Holds (105%x3, 110%x3, 115%x3x2 sets)

getting your nervous system used to feeling the weight and working core stability. unrack the bar as if you’re going to jerk – do your dip and hold 3 sec – chest up, elbows up, weight in heels, tight abs and glutes

Good Morning – Wide stance (35%x8x4 sets)

use snatch %, feet a little wider than shoulder width, toes pointed forward, hinge hips back, flat back

Strength Accessory

1. Pullups – 1 set max reps

2. Pullups – descending ladder 4,3,2,1 x3 sets

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