Day 2 Week 8 – Rize Nation Athletics

Day 2 Week 8


Day 2 Week 8

Rize Nation CrossFit – OLY Class

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Clean (best 3 reps)

Clean Deadlift + Shrug (best 3 reps)

stay over the bar as long as possible. sit in power position. pull shoulders back then extend hips and shrug

Clean Grip RDL (best 3 reps)

Strength Accessory

1. Weighted sit ups 4 sets of 10

2. Pick one:

a) barbell row best 3 reps

b) weighted pullups work up to AHAP for 3 reps (look for 3-5 total sets here adding a little weight to each set until not able to do 3 good reps)

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