Day 2 Week 12 – Rize Nation Athletics

Day 2 Week 12


Day 2 Week 12

Rize Nation Athletics – OLY Class

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Clean Complex Warm Up 1 (3 sets)

3 Muscle Clean + 3 Clean Grip OHS + 3 Press In Clean

Clean Pull (2-2-2)

flat feet today – big shrug, loose arms

Clean (1-1)

heavy single for 2 sets – not meant to be a PR but if you can do somewhere around 95% that’s awesome

Jerk (1-1)

use blocks if needed
practicing putting jerk work together here. find a “heavy” single you can do for 2 sets with good, aggressive technique. tight core, keep heals down as long as possible and drive chest up, head through.

Front Squat (90%x2x3sets)

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