Day 2 Week 1 – Rize Nation Athletics

Day 2 Week 1


Day 2 Week 1

Rize Nation CrossFit – OLY Class

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Clean Start Position/Lift off (5-5-5)

balance in feet, set shoulders, push knees back, hips shoulders rise at the same time, pause at the knee 3 seconds and lower slowly. no more than 50% of back squat.

Snatch High-Pull from Power Position (5-5-5)

balance in feet, extend hips, shrug, elbows high, stay stacked. this will be a more dynamic movement looking for speed but staying balanced.

Power Snatch from Power Position (3-3-3-3)

speed and timing here. extend and lock out fast.

Front Squat (70% x5x3sets)

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