Day 1 Week 2 – Rize Nation Athletics

Day 1 Week 2


Day 1 Week 2

Rize Nation CrossFit – OLY Class

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Overhead Squat (5-5-5-5)

working on good position and mobility. this is not about finding your best 5. stay with training bar or empty bar if needed. add weight only if form is kept.

Snatch Start Position/Lift Off (5-5-5-5)

Stay light on these (about 50% of front squat at the most today). focus on balance in feet, push knees back, shoulders and hips rise at same time, stop at the knee. Pause 3 seconds.

Snatch Pull (from Power with pause) (5-5-5-5)

these will be light. you’ll need to be able to hold the top position and balance on toes. keep body in line, stacked, and core tight. loose arms, open hips, shrug, pause 2-3 seconds)

Jerk Start Position and Press (5-5-5-5)

check out this video:

we’re practicing getting in a good position for the jerk and finishing with a press in a good overhead position. no dip on this one just press and pause 3 seconds overhead. Think of this as a very intentional military press.

Front Squat (70%x5x4sets )

Strength Accessory

1. Pendlay Rows 3 sets of 10 reps (working up in weight each set but don’t lose form) use underhand grip –

2. weighted sit ups – 3 sets of 10

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