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What Makes Rize Nation Athletics Different?

CrossFit is not just about becoming the best person you can be. At it’s core, it represents a community of people becoming a fitness family. These people sweat and grind and go through workouts everyday with you. Everyone has struggles and difficulties in their lives. I have never seen a community more embraced by it’s fellow member than CrossFit has. Creating life long friendships, creating the BEST you, and creating a healthy lifestyle all starts with COMMUNITY. Come be apart of our community.
Our coaches and staff strive to see your success. Our small group classes create an atmosphere that gives you a sense of 1 on 1 training. Coaches are constantly encouraging, improving technique, and creating a pathway for success in every single workout. Programs are meticulously created to help you improve your overall fitness goals. Owners who are available 24 hrs a day to answer questions and staff here to help at a drop of a dime. We are here the members and we want them to know that
We want fitness to be fun, energetic, and meaningful. This starts with programming every class you are apart of. Classes are engaging and get you out of a boring gym routine. We like to smile, have fun, and PUT IN WORK!! We strive in motivation, excel in guidance, and prosper in friendships!

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